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The North Columbus Jaycees is one of hundreds of chapters within the world wide organization called Junior Chamber International. Since 1963, we have taught hundreds of young men and women in the Columbus area leadership and social skill's. The motto of our organizations is "Be Better" and that is exactly what we are about, giving you the opportunity to be better!

The Jaycees has often been compared to a university. Many have called it "the university of practical experience". We learn and grow in a living laboratory that strives to build a relationship with our fellow man. When you join the program you are a student, learning from others and as you become more experienced, you take on a new role as teacher and mentor, giving back to the organization and completing the circle of learning. It is because of this that people call the Jaycees the technicians of challenge and authors of accomplishment.  We take pride in providing businesses and industry with more skillful owners and employees, communities with involved citizens, and government with knowledgeable participants.

Perhaps most importantly, the North Columbus Jaycees offers you a challenge. We challenge you to become involved and develop yourself into the person that you and your family want you to be, we challenge you to BE BETTER!  The road will not always be easy, but the rewards are something that you will treasure for the rest of your life.  Are you ready to be a better person? Your opportunity is right here!

Jaycees / Junior Chamber

Ohio Jaycees

The Ohio Jaycees are a part of the U.S. Jaycees and JCI International.

U.S. Jaycees

Today, the U.S. Jaycees includes more than 60,000 Jaycees in close to 1,700 chapters in the United States.

Junior Chamber International

In 2015, JCI celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Today, JCI consists of over 200,000 individuals from all over the world making up over 5,000 local chapters with one vision: "to be the leading global network of young active citizens."

North Columbus Jaycees Housing Board

In 1968, the North Columbus Jaycees embarked on a project to provide affordable housing for senior citizens. The dream became a reality in 1972 as the Jaycee Arms was completed and opened. In 2004 the purchase of Jaycee Manor was completed. This multi-family apartment complex, located in Martins Ferry Ohio, was originality built by the Martins Ferry Jaycees. Today, North Columbus Jaycee Housing owns two senior apartment buildings in Columbus, Ohio.

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