North Columbus Jaycees Projects

The North Columbus Jaycees participates in many projects through out the year that benefit our members and our community. As a member, you can propose and plan a new idea for a project. Here are examples of just a few of the projects we do:

Senior Housing

Over the past forty years the North Columbus Jaycees has worked hard to build two senior housing complexes to house the elderly in Columbus, Ohio. Besides the management of those complexes (by a separate Board of Directors), we have created projects to benefit our residents.  You can learn more about our Housing by clicking here.

Easter Egg Hunt

Every Year we host the Annual Easter Egg hunt at Cremeans Park. Before the event we get together with the residents of Jaycee Village to stuff over 2000 plastic eggs with candy. On the day of the event, we rope off areas of the park and place all of the Easter eggs on the ground. With in minutes after the hunt begins, all the eggs are found and the park is full of happy children.

Soap Box Derby

The North Columbus Jaycees work the return area of the Columbus Soap Box Derby. This project runs multiple times from spring to fall. Members pick up the cars that are raced down the hill, put them on a trailer and drive them back up the hill. The project is in Big Run Park located in southwestern Columbus. The Soap Box derby compensates us for our hard work and we use the money raised to help fund projects throughout the year.

Residents Pig Roast

Every year we have a big summer party for the residents. We set up a huge tent at either the Jaycee Arms or the Jaycee Village apartments. Members arrive a day in advance to set up and to start cooking the pig and beef. Several members stay up all night, slow cooking the pig and beef. Other members stay up half the night preparing all of the side dishes. The day of the event we have charter buses that pick up the residents from the complex that is not hosting the event and bus them to the other complex. During the event we serve the residents dinner and provide music and dancing.

OSU Parking

One of our newest projects. During home football games, members work the OSU parking lots. They make a donation to our organization on the members behalf and also reserves a ticket in their name to that day's game. The money raised funds projects throughout the year.

More information can be found Here.

Holiday Food Baskets

Each year we raise money and buy food for the needy in our community. Usually one of our members dresses up as Santa Claus and we drive around in a caravan delivering food baskets to families in need. Many times families who were helped in the past but no longer need assistance help us with this project. This project is a great way to give back to the community.

Residents Christmas Parties

During the Christmas season we cook a holiday dinner for our residents at each building. These projects are usually filled with holiday festivities like games and singing Christmas Carols. The residents and members look forward to sharing the holidays together.

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