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As a member of the North Columbus Jaycees, you are entitled to all privileges of the Ohio Jaycees, United States Jaycees and Junior Chamber International. All of these organizations hold conferences during the year. Ohio holds three All-States and a Year-End convention each year. The United States Jaycees holds a national and annual meeting and a Leadership Training University. Junior Chamber International has a yearly World Congress as well as conferences and training in different regions of the world. And now, thanks to technology, we have Webinars that you can sign up for. As you can see, your membership gives you the opportunity to meet and make friends with people locally, nationally and globally. The sky is the limit when it comes to networking with people across the globe.

Ohio Jaycees

  • November, 2017 - Ohio Jaycees All-State, TBA

US Jaycees

Junior Chamber International

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